Fair Chase Hunts in the "Middle of Kansas"

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Welcome to MOK Hunts

Hunting in South-Central Kansas is unlike anywhere else in the nation. The terrain is ruled by sandhill pastures, crp fields, tree rows, and thousands of irrigation pivots. When you arrive, you will ask yourself, "Where in the world would the deer, turkey, and predators live out here?".
The amazing thing is that they live everywhere. Not only are they abundant in number, they can grow to great sizes. Deer weighing 250-300 lbs with 160-200 inch racks are seen and killed every year. Turkeys weighing 20-30 lbs with 8-12 inch beards and 1 inch spurs are also common. Coyote and bobcat populations are not hurting at all and are a blast to call in. Due to the sparse cover they are forced to travel long distances to get what they need.
This plays directly into the hunter's favor. You may see 20-40 deer a day or nothing at all due to this unique blend of habitat. The great thing is that as many have found out, including myself, the only animal you see on any given day could be the trophy of a lifetime.


Here at M.O.K. Hunts, we hunt on over 7000 non-contiguous acres. Hunting mostly over feed fields, we are where the animals want to be to fill their appetites. Which also consists of multiple properties with various terrain spread out over 3 different management units. This also allows us to have a place to move our hunters to if needed.
Hunting pressure is kept low with only a limited number of hunts sold each year. We do not run hunters through like a slaughterhouse and you are never just a number to us.


Feel free to check out our photos and success stories. Good luck to you all in making your hunting memories. Hopefully, you will let us be a part of them.


Reuben J. Martin
Owner and Head Guide

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